New Dancer Information

If you are brand new to square dancing, you'll start by taking our Mainstream class.  The free Open House event every September (Tentatively, in *2019* on Tuesday, September 10!) at the Washington Street Community Center provides an introduction to square dancing and information about the new class.  Whether or not you attend the Open House, you may attend one or both of our "first night" classes the following two Tuesdays to determine whether you'd like to enroll in the class ("First classes" scheduled in *2019* on consecutive Tuesdays, September 17 AND September 24, 7pm to 9pm at 809 S. Washington St, Denver).  There are often other opportunities during the year to give square dancing a try and meet members of the club.  Please contact the Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Thomas LaTourrette for information! 

If you are wondering if you'll 'fit in', please feel at ease. The Rainbeaus are a very diverse group. Members represent a wide range of ages and types, male and female, GLBT and straight alike. No partner is required; you will dance with many different partners during your training. 

Physically speaking, a dancer should be able to easily walk at a brisk pace for 3 minutes.  You may be surprised at how much aerobic exercise one can get from square dancing.  It's a great way to rack up those steps on your pedometer or fitness tracker!

The class meets every Tuesday at 7pm and lasts 24 weeks, with a short break around Christmas. The class wraps up in late March or April when there is a graduation celebration that is always very fun.  The cost of the class is approximately $120, payable in 2 $60 installments, one in September and one in January.

We also offer a '$20 for the first 4 weeks' option. If you aren't quite sure square dancing is for you, you can pay $20 and attend the first 4 lessons. To continue, on week 5, you simply pay the remaining $40 for remaining weeks of the first 12-week segment.

During the class you will learn a few new calls each week, and practice all calls learned to that point. It is important that you attend all classes! While it is possible to catch up from one missed class, students who miss more than one class in a row can create confusion for all the students in a square! Please determine whether you can attend classes regularly before you start.  We think Tuesday night will become one of your favorite times of the week, as learning square dancing is fun and fulfilling.

To get started: 

  • Come to our Open House - September 10, *2019* at 7pm - 809 S Washington St., Denver

  • 809 S. Washington Street (at Ohio Avenue) in Denver

  • No reservation or advance notice required...just show up!

  • No partner is required, you'll dance with many different partners

  • You'll meet members of the Rainbeaus and other potential classmates

  • No special attire, Levis or shorts and a comfortable shirt/top and shoes are typical

  • Finally, attending Open House is fun even if you have no interest in the class at all. Just join us to re-live those memories of middle school gym!

  • If you cannot attend the Open House, please feel free to drop in to either of our "first class" evenings the following two Tuesdays - tentatively in *2019*, on Sept. 17 and Sept. 24 at 7pm - 809 S Washington St., Denver

Note: If you have already completed Mainstream level training at another club, just attend any of our Tuesday night dances. They start at 7pm each Tuesday, at 809 S. Washington St, Denver and last 2 hours.

If you have additional questions, please contact Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Thomas LaTourrette,  who will contact you by email or phone to answer any further questions.